Led lights


Led lights
LED lights can sumplantar currently 90% of all current lighting technologies, The Ledes have the advantage of light very quickly (in about two seconds) to compare the high-powered lights as are the high lights intensity sodium vapor, metal halide, halide and other systems with incandescent technology. Another advantage is the excellent range of colors produced by LED lights, have allowed the development of new LED electronic displays monochrome text, bicolor, tricolor and RGB (full color displays with the ability to playback video for advertising, informational or type indicators. And because of its high operating frequencies are also useful in advanced communications technologies. the Ledes also used in infrared remote control units of many commercial products including televisions, monitoring cameras, DVD players and other applications home.

The advantages of using LED lights are many, their application is given in multiple products, from lighting up screens pc, tv, etc., for consumption LED is a savings of up to 90% compared to other lights, have a lifespan of up to 100 times more than a common lamapara, other advantages of LED lights do not heat up as the others.

This type of light do not emit UV or infrared radiation, are great to decorate with colored light of our home or garden use are ideal for furniture and showcases one of the many virtues that have LED lights is that resist shock and vibration.

LED lights are very beneficial life of the LEDs is 100,000 hours. can say that about 11 years then 22 years of life or 50%. This long life as an LED light is very different from the stark contrast that exists over the lifetime of an incandescent lamp, which is about 4,500 hours of use.
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